GARP Gallery Orlando Florida (2001-2003)                               
Artists Registry Exhibit (2003 December)                               
Downtown Orlando Public Library Exhibit (2004 May/June)          
Season's Harvest Solo Exhibit (August 2004)                                        
The GLBT Center with Cris Field (Oct 2004)                                        
The GLBT Center with Keith Theriot (Nov 2005)                          
LYNX Grand Central Station Exhibit (Feb 2005)                           
Public Library (Herndon Branch) Solo Exhibit (2005 May/June)     
DMAC Gallery "Peace on Earth Exhibit" (Dec 2005)                            
The GLBT Pride Exhibit (June 2006)                                                     
Comma Gallery "Dance of the Lama" (June 2006)                                
Borders Bookstore "Mixed Ramblings" (August 2006)                           
Dave Dodson/durkART Urban Think Book Store (Oct 2006)               
Bold ART at the GLBT Center (Feb 2007)                                            
Gelato Station Fort Lauderdale Solo Exhibit ( July - August 2007 )        
Bold ART 2 at the GLBT Center (Feb2008)                                         
Art Participation at the Orlando Inter Airport (Feb 2008)                       
Bold ART 3-5 at the GLBT Center 2008-2010)                                  
.....The List continues    
durkART participated and hosted many shows in the Orlando and surrounding areas:
Energetic and Full of Life are
words to describe durkART
and his creations.  Disco Music
is his muse he  listens to while
he creates.
This is a HATE FREE ZONE, and bully
Free Zone; Dreaming of a better
tomorrow  - Proudly waving the
Rainbow Flag.
visitors so far